London Visit 2014

We have returned safely from our trip to London. All the children had a fantastic time. Go to the Year 6 blog to view more photos of our activities and various visits around the capital. Please feel free to post comments. Visit Year 6 blog by clicking here.

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Raising Achievement

We continue to seek ways to raise the achievement of all our pupils here at Our Lady’s. Since September we have re-directed our efforts to support groups of learners through specific interventions led by our excellent team of teaching assistants! Staff will review these interventions in the coming weeks to see how effective we have been.

This half-term, we are also focusing on how we can improve the quality of children’s work through our marking policy, encouraging and challenging the children in their work. Heads Blog

From Our Blogs
EYFS Senses topic
Posted on We have had loads of fun exploring our senses. We have been on listening walks around the school play ground and we have also had smelly socks that we have been working out what they smell of!
We have also been looking at all the different fruits and vegetables and even had a taste of some of them!

Year 3 - Art
Posted on September 26, 2014

Our focus today has been to sketch pictures of people walking or moving. We have paid close attention to the shape of legs and arms when in motion.Our Roman Mosaics - Year 4
Posted on October 13, 2014
We have worked very hard and have finally finished our mosaics!  And as promised, here they are:


We are now learning about both the Romans and the Celts and what life was like for them. The Celts seem to have been a very fierce people!  Life was very different compared to our lives now.

Super Scientists
Posted on September 28, 2014 by

As part of our science topic, we have been creating circuits and testing materials that conduct electricity. As a fun reminder, we all made a shaky hands game. The children bent a piece of wire and attached one end to clay to keep it steady They then made a loop out of thinner wire and had to pass the loop along the bends. If they touched the loop, they lit the bulb.